The basis of Zirqle LED Solutions is offering innovative, qualitative and functional LED (total) solutions to the business market where standard LED products and services are not sufficient. Solutions that fit our time, with which we respond generously to the wishes of our clients and the demands of society. We always strive for all our LED assignments to fulfill their purpose.

We can achieve this by combining our creativity with high-quality technical knowledge. This allows us to realize groundbreaking sustainable LED solutions with new possibilities in the areas of      architecture, infrastructure and signalingconstruction
automotive,horticulturerecreation and entertainment
healthcareindustry and mechanical engineering.

Project management

Complete service

Zirqle translates the requirements and vision of your LED assignment into a fully detailed plan. Whether it concerns advice, design, development and realization, we have all the disciplines in-house to guide the entire process from A to Z. During the project, we take into account aspects such as project size, infrastructure and relevant environmental factors etc.

Personal attention

Personal attention is central to every project. Each project has a dedicated contact person who is involved in all aspects of the process. This ensures transparency and short lines of communication, which offers security and confidence.



A team of professionals is working on the development of LED hardware with unique and groundbreaking properties. LED hardware development for custom solutions and our own label products.


Our engineers are specialized in both embedded software and interface applications (GUI). The possibilities of software engineering are endless. For specific wishes in the field of LED control, our engineers are your partner to achieve the desired solution.

LED assembly

LED Moulding

LED moulding is suitable for almost any LED application and enhances the positive properties of the LED application. Led casting is always done on the basis of the application and specific requirements of the assignment. The finish of the top layer and the degree of transparency are adapted to the LED assignment.

LED semi-finished products

We supply LED semi-finished products for the most diverse applications. All our semi-finished products are of a durable and excellent quality. We can provide our LED semi-finished products with certifications.


We assemble LED products and semi-finished products in compliance with the guidelines set for various sectors. These custom LED products and semi-finished products can also be supplied unbranded or as OEM equipment.



After production has been completed, the custom LED solution is extensively tested. In our test room we can simulate environmental influences such as temperature, moisture content and mechanical stress. After the test stage you are assured that everything is working properly.


A team of specialists can install the LED solution on location. Under the expert guidance of the project manager, we ensure that your LED installation is fully operational.


Zirqle not only takes care of the installation, but also carries out maintenance work for all its projects. During maintenance, the LED system is optimized by, for example, software updates. You can also contact Zirqle for questions, desired adjustments or extensions to your LED system.


Since the foundation of Zirqle in 2002, this company has grown into an umbrella organization with independent and innovative companies. MaNima Technologies and LuxaLight are part of this. They each have their own specialty in the field of LED.

Zirqle LED solutions, custom solutions for the business market. Zirqle itself is responsible for project management. The basis of the success of every LED assignment is the cooperation with its partners.

Custom hardware and software engineering. Technical professionals develop LED soft- and hardware solutions and LED products with unique features.

LuxaLight, a small team of engineers specialized in LED moulding, semi-finished products and assembly.It is also the brand name of high-end LED components, which are available in our B2B webshop Luxalight.


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