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B2B Portal LuxaLight

Since the beginning of 2020, the webshop Ledtuning has been switched into the business 2 business portal LuxaLight. At the launch, the online business portal made a start with the introduction of new high-end products, LED semi-finished products and customer-specific products.

Specific products are for customers who cannot move forward with a standard product from the b2b portal. These products can easily be ordered via the portal after logging in to the customer account.

Luxalight is specialized in making LED semi-finished products. Most LED semi-finished products are developed by us for applications in the automotive sector, industry and machine construction, horticulture, medical applications and the entertainment industry.

The products developed by the eningeers agency Manima Technologies are also sold on the B2B portal. Currently there are 6 different Manima LED interfaces on the market.

The versions will be further expanded in the future. All controllers will be engineered with various/ other specifications so that each controller is suitable for one or more applications.

Do you have questions? Or do you want more information? Then contact LuxaLight.