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City Hall Maastricht: LED light in combination with historical decoration

The town hall of Maastricht (1659-1664) is a well-known national monument in the Netherlands. The historic town hall is known for its beautiful 18th-century interior with monumental ceilings, tapestries and wallpaper. The building designed by Pieter Post is considered one of the most important examples of Dutch classicism. Three years ago, the construction of the monumental town hall appeared to have been affected by woodworm. The municipality decided to restore the rest of the building in addition to replacing the damaged beams. Renovation and modernization were important here, without losing the historical elements of the interior.

Dynamic LED solution within strict guidelines

EPM Maastricht approached Zirqle for a dynamic LED solution that fitted in well with the appearance of the town hall. To protect the historical character of the building, Zirqle had to adhere to strict guidelines.


Dynamic LED lighting has been chosen on the ground floor and first floor. Zirqle used dynamically controlled RGBW LED lines in the interior. As many as 96 Long Life RGBW LEDs per meter are installed. In total, 100.000 RGBW pixels were used.


Adjustable heat color

Warm white light (2700 Kelvin) has been used to emphasize the historical elements. The heat color can be set according to your needs. This offers possibilities for a different look of the interior space during special events.


LED lighting in segments

Because it is possible to divide the LED lighting into segments, the options are endless. For example, different colors of LED light can be displayed next to each other: for example the Maastricht carnival colors red, yellow and green. During Carnival, these color LED Light will certainly give the interior an extra dimension.


Invisible ”uniform and diffuse light

Zirqle has succeeded in placing the dynamic LED lines out of direct view of visitors. Zirqle applied special LED optics with a beam angle of 180 degrees. This provides both the ceiling and the walls with uniform and diffused light.


Use of existing management system

The municipality can use the existing management system to control the LED light. Operation is easy, thanks to the user-friendly LED interface.


Do you have questions?

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