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Five digital protocols one interface

The question from the client was whether it is possible to engineer and install an installation with 4 different protocols and 1 DMX-512 protocol. As well as the easy operation of this installation by using a touchscreen.

The system is made up of thousands of digital RGB LEDs, consisting of five protocols namely; WS2812, TM1914, APA102 and SK6812 and DMX512. Often a controller is required per protocol, but with the Manima digital LED interface all protocols can be controlled simultaneously.

It was important for the client to be able to play scenes stand alone without having to use a live PC. The Manima LED interface has a stand alone function where the scenes can be recorded and played by means of a trigger.

The LED interface is on his turn controlled by an HMI touchscreen. The HMI touchscreen has been used as a control panel for several reasons. The Linux operating system of the HMI touchscreen works very stable and requires no maintenance. The pre-programmed scenes can also be easily operated with this touchscreen.

In addition, the client wanted a personalized app so that they can determine for themselves which buttons, sliders and functions can be operated and which ones may be used. The team of specialists has therefore fully adapted the front end of the app to the wishes of the client.


  • No live pc required
  • Stable app with Linux operating system
  • The HMI front end is completely personalized in the client's own house style and company logo


Components used: