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High EMC requirements at sound studio

A sound studio asked Zirqle to provide the studio with RGBW LED lighting. When installing LED lighting, the requirements for sound studios, where EMC standards are high, must be taken into account.

Interference with (RGBW) LED lighting arises because the LED installation radiates electromagnetic fields, desired or not, or emits them via the cabling. The difficulty is that the high-end mixing consoles and other audio equipment in recording studios can receive electromagnetic fields or currents, causing undesired effects and malfunctions in the functioning of these mixing consoles and other audio equipment. To make clean recordings, it is imperative that the sound studio can function without interference.

Interfering electromagnetic effects can be reduced by reducing the intrusion of the interfering signal into sensitive circuits by ensuring that interfering currents do not flow into signal-carrying conductors or wiring. Shielding cables is often done to increase immunity and reduce emissions. Zirqle has applied fully shielded cables for every LED line.

Due to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the high end design, the Luxalight LED driver (voltage driver LuxaLight 5 channels 20 Amp with DMX512 control) is used in this installation. The complete installation has a total capacity of approx. 6 kilowatts.

Components used: