Organization structure

Zirqle LED Solutions

Since the foundation of Zirqle in 2002, this company has grown into an umbrella organization with independent and innovative companies. MaNima Technologies and LuxaLight are part of this. They each have their own specialty in the field of LED. Zirqle itself is responsible for the project management of the LED assignments. The symbiosis between these companies and Zirqle is the foundation of the success of the projects carried out by us.


Luxalight, not only the brand name of high-end LED components, but also the name of our B2B portal. The Luxalight products for the professional user are exclusively available in the LuxaLight Business Portal.


MaNima Technologies

Hardware and software engineering. Our technical professionals develop custom LED software and hardware with unique features. Manima products are only available on the site of MaNima Technologies and in the B2B portal LuxaLight.