About Zirqle

Zirqle LED solutions has been realizing the most diverse LED solutions for over 18 years. Through years of experience and expertise, we can provide expert advice and appropriate solution. We enthusiastically think along with you so that you are assured of an optimal result.

Zirqle is a full-service company, we guide the entire project, from concept to realization. We believe personal attention is important here. A permanent contact person is involved in all facets of the project.

Unique to Zirqle is our constant drive to innovate. Our passion lies in devising groundbreaking sustainable LED solutions with new possibilities in the field of architecture, automotive, horticulture, entertainment, industry and construction.


Our mission

Our mission is to offer innovative, qualitative and functional LED (total) solutions to the business market where standard LED products and/ or services are not sufficient. Solutions that fit in with our times, with which we generously meet the wishes of our clients and the requirements imposed on us by society. We combine our creativity with high-quality technical expertise in all our solutions.

We do this through expertise such as LED moulding, assembling customer-specific LED semi-finished products, devising and generating appropriate software, developing innovative products, and selling these own products. And offering total solutions for projects, from concept phase to realization. Creativity, quality and service always come first.